About us

Shooters’ Academy was founded on a simple, but very useful concept: To provide the knowledge, skills, and attitude for safe and effective recreational and defensive shooting.

Shooters’ Academy offers a training curriculum that includes courses for shooters at every skill level from beginners to professionals.  Handgun, shotgun, and rifle courses are offered as well as seminars and several non-firearm defensive courses.

The course descriptions on the Shooters’ Academy website include course objectives,
topics covered, required equipment, and cost to assist individuals in selecting courses that best meet their needs.

Firearms ownership is a great responsibility. Safe handling and use of firearms require effective training. Shooters’ Academy training can help build the confidence and skills that bring firearms owners peace of mind.


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We have a class for every student level, from just getting started and learning the fundamentals to advanced courses for the most elite level operators.




Shooters’ Academy instructors have extensive experience and training, including certifications granted by the National Rifle Association, NJ Police Training Commission, and other organizations.

Shooters’ Academy instructors have served as police academy and departmental firearms instructors, police SWAT team personnel, NRA instructor trainers, and NRA regional training counselors.

Our instructor team can articulate the how’s and why’s of safe and effective firearms use to any level of student through the building block instruction of (“Hear”), demonstration (“See”), and practice (“Do”).